leggett platt adjustable bedThe Double or Full Size or Regular Size Electropedic Adjustable Beds

 A Full Size Regular Double Adjustable Bed . . .

 simply becomes the most comfortable bed and furniture in the world!  Electrically adjust your back and  your legs to almost any position you desire.  Whether for health, sleep, watching TV or PURE COMFORT, Twin Size Adjustable Bed Owner's get to pamper their body's all night long.  Select a Twin Size Adjustable Bed Mattress for your personal use, and take a health break:  Innerspring, Latex Foam, Memory foam and Air. 

We HIGHTLY RECOMMEND the Fullsize Latex Foam Adjustable Bed Mattresses!

Now for the best selection of Full Size Adjustable beds.  Select a Full Size Length for your personal use, and take a health break.  

* 53" x 74" Full Regular for people 5'3" and shorter0

* 53" x 80" Full Extra Long for people between 5'4" and 6'1"

* 53" x 84" Full (CA) King Length for people over 6'1"

The components of an Adjustable bed are the Frame, Motors, Mattress, Foundation, Hand Control, Casters and optional Massage Systems. The Model  WH2 is the World's Best Built Electric Adjustable Bed.  

Options include Headboard Brackets, Side Rails, optional Height Adjustments and different Orthopedic Pillows.

At ElectropedicBeds.com, we have never lost sight of the fact that our success is built upon offering the Public the Best Adjustable Bed System and the Best Adjustable Bed Mattress.  Please contact Electropedic Today.  You will Be Glad You Did!

picture double size medical bed

Fullsize Adjustable Beds

Double Electronic Adjustable Beds
comfort and health information

Full Adjustable Bed

Full Size

Regular Size

The Double or Regular or Fullsize comes in your choice of three sizes:

53" x 74" Full Regular for people 5'3" and shorter

53" x 80" Full Extra Long for people between 5'4" and 6'1"

53" x 84" Full (CA) King Length for people over 6'1"


Fullsize Electropedic Double Size or Regular and Extra Long
Adjustable bed - technical information


disabled  bed, fullsize diabled adjustable bed Full Size Adjustable Bed Picture Full Size Adjustable Bed

senior fullsize adjustable bedhandicap and handicappedOther people have SWELLING OF THE LEGS, Muscle Cramps, Varicose Veins and Circulator Problems.  The Doctor will usually tell you to get your LEGS and FEET above your HEART level.  This is what also makes your Elderly Senior Adjustable Bed very RELAXING, just like getting your legs up on a Recliner Chair. 

When you are on your FEET all day, or are sitting all day, it is harder on your VENOUS system, because your CIRCULATORY system is working against gravity.  Have you ever been so tired where you are exhausted or feel like you wish like you were upside down.  Well, on your Double or  Regular Size Adjustable Bed you can actually elevate your Legs above your Heart Level to let GRAVITY work with your Venous System, instead of against it.  After all, the medical definition, of Varicose Veins is simply when Gravity becomes stronger than the muscles in your veins (that push the flow back to your heart).  Many people with Diabetes find elevating their legs a real health benefit.  Those with Swelling of the Legs simply allow Gravity to work with the flow toward the heart, instead of against it.

"I am very happy with my bed. My only problem is I am so comfortable, I never want to leave it."
                                                                                                                                                                            Dorothy C. Sires - Aiken, South Carolina


elderly and senior Double Size Adjustable Bed Picture

medical fullsize adjustable bedsTHE HIGHER THE BACK, you can help take the pressure off your Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back. 

Fullsize Adjustable Bed Bed Pictures

elderly senior adjustable bedHome Before you buy an Adjustable Bed Twin or Fullsize Adjustable Bed Full Adjustable Beds  

 or Queensize AdjustableBed Queen Adjustable Bed or one piece king King or for two people the dual queen Dual Queen Adjustable Bed and Dual King Adjustable Bed Dual King compare the highest quality motorized frame:  The Electropedic Adjustable Bed Electropedic Adjustable Bed.  The Electropedic Factory has made "Your Comfort Is Everything!" their only business since 1964.  Comfort Compare Price, Quality, Guarantee and Service Technical The WH2 and WH1 are the highest quality motorized frames.  The Leggett & Platt S-Cape and Prodigy Prodigy also offer high quality Wall-Hugger Designs as the Reverie Adjustable Bed and the 3 motor high low  Flex-A-Bed.  Choose from the best selection of Adjustable Bed Mattresses:  Innerspring Latex Foam Tempurpedic Air .  Medical Beds Bariatric Beds Used Adjustable Beds Videos Showrooms Contact Us  

ElectroPEDIC is the most trusted name in Adjustable Beds!

joint commission reviews electropedic adjustable beds hospital electric bedAt ElectroPEDIC Adjustable Beds, we have made "Your Comfort Is Everything!" our ONLY Business since 1964.  We genuinely want to find you or your loved one the very best adjustable bed and mattress; that is both the most comfortable and healthful for your needs.  Our goal is your 100% Satisfaction; which is always our first and only goal.  We have the highest ratings and reviews with BBB, Yelp, Linked in Facebook and Joint Commission for our dedication to finding the FACTORS to your 100% Satisfaction.  We've beendoing the same thing for 50 Years, . . .we only do one thing and it is for you.

Full size Adjustable Beds:  

Full Size Adjustable Beds look exactly like a regular bed, but electrically adjust your back and your legs to almost any position you desire.  Choose an adjustable bed mattress and firmness for your personal use, and take a health break.  

The Full Size (Double) WH2 by Electropedic is the World's Best-Built Electric Adjustable Bed.  ElectroPEDIC Factory Adjustable Bed VIDEO.


regular electric bed doubleWhen you buy a Full Size Adjustable Bed you get a bed that is 53" wide and your choice of Full Regular, 74" Long; Full Extra Long, 80" Long; and Full CA King Length, 84" Long.  Select the right size for your personal height, and take a health break.

 electric bed

full size electric beds double

Full Size Adjustable Beds are also called Double and Regular Size Adjustable Beds.   Fullsize Adjustable Beds looks exactly like a regular bed when completely flat.

Adjustable Beds look exactly like a regular bed:
The Full Size
Frame sits exactly 9" off the floor
Fullsize Foundation is exactly 16" off the floor
and depending on which mattress you buy, your adjustable bed will be 23" to 27" off the ground. 

NOTE:  We can EASILY make you bed just about any height; lower or higher!  Call 800-551-2010 and talk to an Electropedic Bed Specialist.


Twinsize Adjustable Beds Twin size Electric Bed

Fullsize Adjustable Beds Full Size Electric Bed

Queensize Adjustable Beds Queen Size Electric Bed

Kingsize Adjustable Beds King Size Electric Bed

Dual Queensize Adjustable Beds Dual Queen Electric Bed

Dual Kingsize Adjustable Beds Dual King Electric Bed

adjustable bed

You can choose your twinsize adjustable bed with a variety of Twinsize adjustable bed mattresses:  Innerspring, Latex Foam, Memory Foam and Air Mattresses

full size electric bedTwinsize Adjustable Beds comes in your choice of three lengths:


full sizeAlthough, a 74" Regular Size Bed is OK when you are flat, you lose almost 8" in the bending of the bed (You don't want to buy the most comfortable bed in the world, and then your feet are hanging over).  If you are "between" sizes, Electropedic asks you 2 questions:  1.  Are your legs longer than normal?  2.  Do you like to tuck in your sheets by the foot of your bed.  If you answer yes to either question, we recommend to go the longer length.  You cannot find Full Extra Long and Full CA King Length bottom fitted sheets in the department stores.  We conveniently stock these sizes

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