Yard Ramps from HandiRamp

HandiRamp is the #1 Retailer of New and Used Yard Ramps. We have the largest material handling selection and the most yard ramp experience. We also offer other industrial products including: fracking ramps, hose/cable protector ramps, portable delivery ramps and dockboards. Our ramp experts will solve your material handling problems and deliver on a timely basis.

Wheelchair Ramps and Accessibility Products

HandiRamp has an extensive selection of Wheelchair access ramps and related products. If you’re looking for portable wheelchair ramps, threshold ramps, or a custom wheelchair ramp for your home, look no further. We have onsite ramp experts and ramp builders ready to get started on your project. Our in-house ramp designers and manufacturing team will custom design a ramp solution that is low in cost, meets your specific needs, and is delivered on time.

If a ramp is not the best option, we will help guide you to the right product and will install wheelchair lifts, porch lifts and pool lifts that might better suit your needs.

A good place to start your search is our “ABCs of Ramp Measurement“. This will guide you through the questions that our ramp experts are likely to ask when you call.

Non-slip Treads and Stair Nosings

Handi-Ramp’s newest product line is our HandiTreads®. These patented non-slip treads and stair nosings provide a safe, non-slip walking surface that is guaranteed to last. This durable alternative to sand paper tape can be installed within minutes on most surfaces, in any weather condition, and with minimal preparation.



EZAccess Portable Wheelchair Ramps – Fit All Accessibility Needs

Portable Ramps – Portable Ramp Systems

Portable Ramps from Handi-Ramp come in a wide variety of designs. We feature the lowest price, best selection, and free shipping on selected portable wheelchair ramps. Manufactured to be affordable and dependable, these portable folding ramps are easily stored and transportable.

Our portable wheelchair and scooter ramps are excellent for many different uses and fit all accessibility needs. These portable ramps are easy to use and there is absolutely no installation required – simply deploy your ramp in the desired location. The built-in handles make these ramps easy to carry.

Our Portable Wheelchair Ramps can be used to navigate thresholds, curbs, entrances, vans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and a number of different applications. Its lightweight aluminum construction makes the portable wheel chair ramp sturdy, durable and strong.

Three surface materials are available to choose from including: sandpaper non-slip tape, extruded aluminum, and our signature raised button material, which offers exceptional grip and durability. All portable handicap ramps are constructed for both indoor and outdoor use with traction safety in mind.


EZ-Access Threshold Ramps Ramps and Low Ramps for Doors and Sliding Doors

Threshold Ramps

Designed for a variety of applications and situations, threshold ramps are a great cost-effective solution for those using a wheelchair, walker, or scooter who have a difficult time maneuvering over an entrance way or other small barriers.

Our threshold ramps are easy to install, and are engineered to be lightweight and durable yet strong and able to work in the most severe conditions. Some are even adjustable! We offer a large variety of threshold ramps for both temporary and permanent applications including: aluminum, stand-alone, rubber, and bariatric ramps.


EZ-Access Wheelchair Lifts


Home Lifts and Residential Wheelchair Lifts from Handi-Ramp

We offer the highest quality and widest selection of portable and fixed wheelchair lifts.Wheelchair lifts and stair lifts are designed to assist with wheelchair and scooter access where space limitations or height requirements prohibit a traditional ramp. We offer a variety of residential and commercial wheelchair lifts to suit your needs including: portable wheelchair lifts, platform wheelchair lifts, and stairway chair lifts.

Our 50″ and 72″ stationary wheelchair lift is designed with safety in mind. It will allow a wheelchair, scooter, or Segway to rise up a maximum of 72″ to access an entryway. Its non-slip surface, safety railing and barrier make this lift one of a kind. Portable wheel chair lifts are an excellent solution when ADA access is required but a permanent installation is not feasible. These vertical lifts are especially useful and practical in transit applications including: boats, ferries, commuter trains and aircraft.



EZAccess.com Aluminum Portable Handicapped Wheelchair Ramps for Disabled Access

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

EZ-Access Aluminum Sectional Modular Ramps • Aluminum Portable Handicapped Wheelchair Ramps & Handrails

• Exclusive raised button non slip surface
• Easy to install
• Manufactured in the USA
• In-house expert ramp designers
• Standard weight capacity: 750 lbs
• Standard width is 36 inches
• Custom sizes and capacities available

Our Aluminum Sectional Wheelchair Ramp System is designed as an attractive, easy to assemble, flexible alternative to both our ADA compliant Galvanized Steel Ramp product line and homemade wood ramps. Because of its lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum material and sectional design, this aluminum wheelchair ramp system is the perfect option for meeting ADA requirements in circumstances where it is desirable to have a semi-permanent ramp system.

The modular wheel chair ramp design makes this system easily expandable because the 4, 5, 6 and 8 foot sections are completely interchangeable. Easily installed and uninstalled, the aluminum wheelchair ramp can fit in a small delivery truck or minivan. When not in use, Aluminum Sectional Wheel Chair Ramps are highly compactible and as a result, store in a very small space – a 24′ ramp (without handrails) will store in a 76″ tall by 38″ deep by 16″ wide space.

Made from a non-slip, non-rusting, all aluminum surface that is OSHA approved and exceeds all governmental specifications, our aluminum wheelchair ramps provide excellent footing and traction to ensure wheelchair safety. This is the same exclusive material that Handi-Ramp has been using on our ADA compliant wheelchair ramp systems for over half a century.

Handrails are recommended for all wheelchair ramps with rises over 6″ in height. Aluminum Sectional Wheelchair Ramps come standard with double bar construction made from galvanized steel and aluminum mounting brackets. Retro-Fit handrail kits can be purchased for wheelchair ramp systems originally bought without handrails. Our staff of ADA experts can assist you in designing a ramp system to meet your specific needs and to fit your location.


EZAccess Handrails, Railings, and ADA compliant Handrail Systems

ADA Compliant Handrails & Railings

Handi-Ramp® Handrail & Railing Systems

Handi-Ramp’s Handrail & Railing Systems are manufactured from either steel or high strength aluminum and meet all ADA accessibility standards. Maintenance free, these railings are the perfect safety solution for stairways, ramps, walkways, platforms, bridges and machine barriers. We manufacture these rails at our facility in Libertyville, Illinois and offer many custom size and strength options.

Sold separately or in conjunction with our ramp systems, hand rails are easy to install and remove. Simply slide the rail legs into the receiver tubes which are welded onto each ramp section.

Railings are recommended on all ramp systems with rises of 6 inches or more, however they can be sold on a stand alone basis or as a component of any Handi-Ramp system.

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The ABCs of Ramp Measurement

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