patient and mo lifts are available for ceiling lifters

Dear Hoyer Lift Customer:

 As a caregiver, nurse, user, . . .How do you know what bath, pool, spa, toilet, manual, hydraulic, electric, bariatric heavy duty hoyer or Hoyer lift to purchase; and how do you pick the correct type and size sling; how do you pick the correct base style with adequate clearance; how do you pick the right weight capabilities?

To pick the correct Hoyer lift, we need to discuss what the lift will be used for; Where will the lift be; How often will the lift be used; Who will use the lift or be in the lift . . . We need to know when picking out a sling: The height and weight of the person; What movement they can control; What needs are being met; The individuals condition; Is it needed for toileting or bathing; Will the Hoyer be in the sling for a long period of time.

You may be lifting a Hoyer from the bed to a wheelchair or need a lift that is small and comfortable for "Sit to Stand-up Training.

You may need a Bariatric Heavy Duty model - our specialty!

We have very many small, easy and comfortable lifters for transfers and stand-up training. Many lifts will meet the demand for sit-to-sit transfers for Hoyers that have trouble standing, but are able to participate to some extent in the lift. Easy to maneuver and compact -just as practical at home or in an institutional care situation.

Most basic units include a full range of optional accessories that quickly converts the basic lifter for use in a variety of lifting operations: sling lifting, to and from the toilet, horizontal transfers by stretcher, weighing etc. All with one basic lift. Many disassembles for transport.

Wall Mountable Lifts are permanently attached to a wall and have long range lifting. There are many different possibilities for mounting. Angled lifting positions from outside bathroom to inside. Or attach to the bathroom wall and lift in and out of bathtub. Splash Proof too. Built-in Power Pac Systems. Use the same slings and stretchers as the floor lifts.

Many fold easily into one piece for storing in a closet or easy to dismantle into two equal parts, for transporting the lift. The use of aluminium ensures low weight. Optional travel bags are available for transporting whereever you go.

. . . Then we  begin to choose from the best selection of Manufacturers, Models and Options:  AquaCreek, Aquatic Access, Convaquip, Gendron, Hoyer (Sunrise-Medical), Invacare, Apex, Harmer and more!  

Hoyer lifts are sometimes needed more for the Caregiver than the Hoyer. If the Hoyer cannot help in the moving process from one area to another, it is time to consider a Hoyer Lift. A variety of different style equipment is available. Several are portable for home use and travel, Sit to Stand units for people that have problems getting up but can stand.

Hoyer Lifts: Manual, Hydraulic or Battery powered, that fit under the bed as well as around chairs and other objects to help with the transfer process. If someone falls on the floor most Hoyer lifts will help with getting them off the floor into their chair or back to their bed. ApexDynamics also makes a special lift that can go beside and behind the bed for use with a conventional bed that does not have 5” clear space under the bed which other lifts need.

You may want to stay in your home but have a problem with the stairs then you want a Stair Lift, I can help you with this process to make life more comfortable for the Hoyer and protect the backs of the Caregivers.

I will need the weight, height, where you want to use the equipment, is a head support needed? Will the person be using a commode or toilet (special sling for that need)?

How about a lift chair that is a not only a recliner with different positions but raises you up and out of the chair?

Bathing is always a problem and we have options to help with this very important function.

If you are lucky enough to have a Pool or Spa and have trouble getting in and out there are special lifts that are made for all types of applications, even being raised or lowered into a boat.

There are many different options and it can be quite confusing.

If there is a need and you want the right answer call me I would love to help you have a better quality of life.

Note to the Caregiver: If you are lifting someone that is disabled time and again, you can have permanent damage to your back, neck or shoulders. In many facilities they now have a No Lift Policy, and the home situation should have the same concern.

Hoyer Lifts