Quantum Bariatric Heavy Duty Electrical Motorized Wheelchairs by Pride Jazzy are heavy duty Bariatric Wheelchairs . . .so easy to use, you are going to wonder how you would have ever enjoyed both the indoors and outdoors without one.  Select a Pride Jazzy Power Chair Model and take a health break.

Quantum Jazzy, Blast 650, 850, Blast HD, dynamo, Dynamo ATS

Quantum Jazzy Series

Pride Mobility JAZZY Electtric Wheelchairs1400, 1420, 1470, 1122, 1120, VIBE, BLAST 650, 850, HD 1133 1170xl are heavy duty and bariatric with over 400 pound weight capacity.



JAZZY 1470JAZZY 1470


Power Positioning Systems

Quantum Jazzy wheel chairs 1170xl, 1400,1420,1470

The Power Chair for Playing

Quantum Rehab realizes the potential of the versatile line to serve the needs of children with a variety of mobility issues. The new Quantum Dynamo and Quantum Dynamo ATS are the first pediatric power bases to offer Pride’s patented mid-wheel drive design. Both the Dynamo and Dynamo ATS come standard with the pediatric Synergy Seat seating system, fully programmable electronics, pediatric swing-away footrests and the dependability of a Pride JAZZY 1400, 1420, 1470, 1122, 1120, VIBE, BLAST 650, 850, HD 1133 1170xl . Quantum Dynamo

Quantum Blast

QuantumTM BlastTM Power Chair line is designed to give power chair users a wide range of enhanced mobility, from the kitchen to the boardroom to the streamside. Among the hallmarks of the design is the ideal blend of indoor and outdoor performance. The Blast line differs from conventional rear-wheel drive power chairs in that the main drive wheels are positioned closer to the user’s center of gravity. The placement of the batteries and front casters gives a naturally balanced feel to these power chairs, increasing stability while decreasing the overall length.Quantum Blast Series

All of the Blast models; the Blast 850, Blast 650, Blast HD and Blast X-TREME have a front-mounted, self-leveling caster beam. This unique design offers remarkable stability and a smoother ride when driving on uneven surfaces.

Quantum Vibe

The Quantum Vibe™ rear-wheel drive power chair goes far beyond conventional design to deliver unequalled versatility, striking style, and high-performance operation indoors and out. The first fully integrated mobility and positioning system, the Vibe's power base and seating seemlessly merge for optimal positioning and performance while it's compact design allows it to maneuver like a mid-wheel drive power chair.



Used JAZZY 1400, 1420, 1470, 1122, 1120, VIBE, BLAST 650, 850, HD 1133 1170xl


Bariatric Room JAZZY 1400, 1420, 1470, 1122, 1120, VIBE, BLAST 650, 850, HD 1133 1170xl

Pride Jazzy

Electric Wheelchairs JAZZY 1400, 1420, 1470, 1122, 1120, VIBE, BLAST 650, 850, HD 1133 1170xl s


JAZZY 1400, 1420, 1470, 1122, 1120, VIBE, BLAST 650, 850, HD 1133 1170xl

Our Philosophy:
Communication is Key


When you call us we will genuinely and sincerely help you find the right JAZZY 1400, 1420, 1470, 1122, 1120, VIBE, BLAST 650, 850, HD 1133 1170xl at the right price. We are here working for you and your satisfaction as our first and foremost priority.Communication is the key to finding the correct JAZZY and model for your height, weight, age, physical and environmental conditions. We believe that talking first, the old fashioned way, is the most effective way to ensure your satisfaction with the purchase. Buying online, by yourself, in our opinion, is a little too complicated, important and expensive a decision to make without first talking to a trained Equipment Specialist.

We are also the actual manufacturer of the Electropedic®Model WH2, America's best-built electric adjustable bed.

We were the FIRST! Electric Home Care Equipment Company. In fact, we invented the industry!

We appreciate that Cost is a key factor for everyone, whether you are a millionaire or are primarily living off Social Security. That is why during our Communication we let you tell us if you are looking for the most economical solution or the most luxurious solution for you.


Results are what we are both after: We understand that you want a JAZZY that will be the best for you. We understand that the only way you will come back to us or recommend us to your friends and family is by your satisfaction. Today, 25% of our business is built upon repeat and referral customers. Many of our customers have purchased from us 3 and 4 times. If you are not happy with the outcome then, maybe, we did communicate as well as possible with you. This much is certain: no one will know more about the electric home care industry than us, no one will care more about getting you the right JAZZY 1400, 1420, 1470, 1122, 1120, VIBE, BLAST 650, 850, HD 1133 1170xl and model, and no one will offer you a better price.


1400, 1420, 1470

Quantum Jazzy Wheelchairs 1650,JAZZY 1650 powerchair

Quantum Jazzy 1650

Pride Mobility Products created the Quantum Rehab division with the sole purpose of customizing power chair bases with advanced rehab seating systems, programmable controllers and a variety of footrest options to assist people with even the most complex mobility needs. These power bases offer mid-wheel or rear-wheel drive technology, allowing clients to choose the drive system that best suits their needs and preferences.


Quantum Jazzy 1650 All Quantum Jazzy power bases come standard with mid-wheel drive technology, allowing for easy maneuverability in the most tight spaces of a home, school or office. Select models feature Active-Trac Suspension, enhancing the chairýs ability to effortlessly maneuver over grass, gravel and up slight inclines.


Quantum Jazzy 1650 With everything these power chairs have to offer, the Quantum Jazzy power base series give clients unlimited rehab options for indoor and outdoor use.

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