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Electric Adjustable Beds are designed for the ultimate in comfort Electric Motorized Powered - the Electropedic Adjustable Beds Model WH2 is the highest quality and most comfortable piece of furniture in the world - Choose from Video Twin AdjustableBed, Info Full Regular Motorized Powered , Information Queen, Pics California King, motor power Dual Queen and Pictures Dual King pics video sizes; Best Quality Adjustable Bed Replacement Mattresses: Air, Innerspring, Latex Foam and Tempurpedic Deluxe and Classic. Other Manufacturer's include: Leggett Platt Adjusta-Magic and S-Cape and Pro-Motion and fully up down hi lo 3-motor Flex-A-Bed Alternate Spellings: Adjustible, ajutobol, ajustible adjustobol, adjustoble, Tempurapedic, Temperapedic, Temper-pedic, Tempur-pedic, Temper, Tempur, Tempura NO ONE KNOWS MORE ABOUT ELECTRIC ADJUSTABLE BEDS THAN ELECTROPEDIC.  NO ONE. 



No one KNOWS more in Sacramento about the Electric Home Care Products Industry than us.

No one will CARE more in Sacramento about getting you the right Product, Model and Option(s).

No one will get you a better PRICE in Sacramento CA.  We offer Factory Direct Prices on the Electropedic Adjustable Bed . . . We ship direct from OVER 50 different Electric Home Care Factory's to your home.  We Guarantee the World's Lowest Price on OVER 500 different Electric Home Care Models and Brand Names.

No one will offer you better SERVICE in Sacramento after the sale.  We are the same company on the Guarantee Care on the Electropedic Adjustable Bed.  All our customers and products come with our Lifetime Service Commitment.

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We were the FIRST! ELECTRIC Home Care Products Company.

In Fact, We Invented the Industry.

Sacramento Adjustable Beds ONLINE Dealer Store Retailer:
Electric Adjustable & Hospital Bariatric Beds; Seat Chair Recliners & Panasonic Massage Chairs MA73 & Stair Lifts, Disabled Scooters & Wheelchairs, Mobility Lifts, Disability Ramps & Handicap Wheelchair Elevators Porch Vertical Platform Lifts: OUR OWN TRUCKS DELIVERY & INSTALL

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Sacramento Adjustable Beds ONLINE Dealer Store Retailer Electric Adjustable & Hospital Beds; Chair & Stair Lifts, Scooters & Wheelchairs, Mobility Lifts, Ramps & Wheelchair Elevators Porch Vertical Platform Lifts: OUR OWN TRUCKS DELIVERY & INSTALL

At Electropedic Beds, we have made "Your Comfort Is Everything!" our only business Since 1964.



Electric Home Care Products, Supplies, Equipment, Supply

Bariatric Equipment

Supplies Obesity Clinic Obese Medicare big Insurance Sleep Center Extra Wide Aids obesity Care; Adjustable & Hospital Beds; Chair & Stair Lifts; Scooters & Wheelchairs; Elevators, Ramps and Car Mobility Lifts Senior elderly Heavy Duty Mobility medical care Burke Tri-Flex 2 TF2 650 pound Transfer Master and up to 1000 pound Sleeper Lounge Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Golden Avenger Scooter  Bariatric Jazzy 1170 Powerchair (New & Used; Buy, Sell & Trade, Rent, Own & Finance)

Hospital Beds

fully electrical Medicare Nursing Insurance hi-lo high by Invacare and Tuffcare semi-electrical, fully electronic 2 & 3 motor, low and Trendellenburg  for Nurses; Home and Patients 

seat chair liftLift-Chairs

Pride Classic Collection CL10, CL20, CL30 (CL-10, CL-20, CL30) liftchairs Pride Heritage Collection GL-358S Small GL-358M Medium GL-358L Large seat Pride Elegance Collection LL-570 liftchair PRIDE FABRICS - Golden Comforter Series PR-501 Small, Medium, Large and Tall; and Golden 2-motor infinity PR-505 MaxiComfort  We bill Medicare for the motor.


Panasonic Shiatsu EP30007kx (leather therapeutic recliner therapy EP30007); Call (800)354-5040


replacement adjustable bed mattresses Air, Innerspring, Latex Foam and NASA Memory Viscose-Elastic Tempur Temper pedic Tempur-pedic TempuraPedic Temperpedic Tempurpedic Temperpedic Tempur Temper benefits reviews ratings info reports; Also disability handicapped disabled handicap Sleep Center (for disability handicap pressure relieving disabled handicapped call 800-477-0248)

Patient Hoyer Lifts - Call 800-477-0248

 Rehab Services; Disability Hoyer Joerns Handicap portable transfortable caregiver MoLift

modular portable lightweight aluminum rampsRamps

Folding Portable Aluminum Modular Light weight mobility ramps for cars, trucks, porch, steps wheelchairs scooters 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 12 feet design for access ada disabled handicapped elderly senior disability handicap carts

Scooters  Buy, Sell, Trade, Finance; New & Used

Pride GoGo Lightweight Portable Take-Apart ("folding") Pride Medicare Go-Go Elite Traveller Indoor & Outdoor 3 & 4 Wheel and Heavier Duty  Traveller Plus; Outdoor Celebrity 3 & 4 Wheel Mobility Carts; American made top of the line PaceSaver Fusion Video 250 350 450 500 



Chair Stair Bruno Electra-Ride SRE-2750 LT video Bruno ElectraRide II SRE-1550 350 lb. SRE 2010 Elite 400 lb., Bruno Outdoor SRE 2010E Elite Stairway Acorn Superglide Stairlift home and the new Harmar Pinnacle residential commerical indoor and outdoor; Bruno Custom Curve CRE-2100 Curved StairLifts Sales, Service & Installation Used Reconditioned, Recycled, Seconds, Re-conditioned, Re-cycled Models 1/2 OFF.


Harmar Auto Car mobility hitch outside ; medical elderly senior; Bruno pics video  installation; and Silver-Star BackPacker

Wheelchair & Jazzy Powerchair

- Buy, Sell, Trade, Finance; New & Used

Jazzy Wheel Chair Specialists New & Used (for  Medicare call (800)727-1954 - Ask for Dept. J) Insurance Powerchairs


Mac's porch elevator pl-50 (4 foot) and pl-72 (6 foot); Trus-T-Lift Trusty commercial and residential up to 12 ' vertical wheelchair platform lifting Harmar school stage wheelchair lift Bruno VPL-3100  

We understand the COST will always be a key element in  your buying decision; whether you are a millionaire, or are primarily living off social security, . . . We WILL get you the best price and value.  At Electropedic Beds, Promises are not just a matter of good intentions:  PROMISES ARE EVERYTHING!
latexpedic latex natural organic mattresses sacramento ca 100% pure talalay foam electropedic adjustable beds SACRAMENTO CA electric bed motorized frame power base motion ergo Adjustable Beds, Bariatric Beds, Hospital Beds Stair Lifts, Lift Chairs & Massage Chairs
7" Latex Mattress
8.5" Perfect Firmness
9" High Profile
Electropedic Models: WH1, WH2, WH3
SizesTwin, Full, Queen, King, Duals Queens & Dual Kings
Adjustable Bed Mattresses: Spring, Air, Memory & Latex
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Adjustable Beds, Bariatric Beds, Hospital Beds
Stair Lifts, Lift Chairs & Massage Chairs
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Scooter Lifts, Wheelchair Porch Elevators

Our Own Trucks will deliver and install in your home in Sacramento
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